Certification & Environment: ARTICLES
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Asia and the Pacific
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  2. 2014. Bamboo Products And Their Environmental Impacts: Revisited. (pdf)
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  3. 2013. Making illegal logging a practice of the past (pdf)
  4. 2010. New initiative on environmental conditions for cultural collections (pdf)
  5. 2010. Airbus in the UK is first aerospace company to gain BS 25999 Business Continuity Management certification from BSI (pdf)
  6. 2010. New sustainability standard developed for film industry (pdf)
  7. 2010. Demonstrate your carbon neutrality status with confidence (pdf)
  8. 2010. Sustainable office specialist first to achieve new energy efficiency standard (pdf)
  9. 2010. Something better than recycling? (pdf)
  10. 2010. Environment Agency launches UK’s largest flood product test centre (pdf)
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Latin America and the Caribbean
  1. 2014. Perspectives Of Forest Certification: Forest Resources: Material Flows and Resource Productivity in Latin America. (pdf)
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North America
  1. 2014. An Analysis Of Willingness To Pay And Reasons For Purchasing Certified Forest Products. (pdf)
  2. 2014. Does Forest Certification In Developing Countries Have Environmental Benefits? Insights from Mexican Correctiive action Requests. (pdf)
  3. 2014. NORPAC Product Environmental Profile. (pdf)
  4. 2014. Softwood Lumber Product Environmental Profile. (pdf)
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  33. Science and Forest Concessions (pdf)
date revised: 3 January, 2017