Ceritification & Environment: LINKS

  1. EuroForest Portal. The EUROFOREST Portal aims to meet demands for better access to state-of-art information on European forests and forestry in an easily accessible and user-friendly form. It represents a web-based entry point into pan-European forest information in the selected topics. The portal contains a metadatabase about information in the internet and news service. Metadata is described in English, but actual URLs may contain information in any language. The website was launched 1 Oct 2007 and is maintained by EFI. (website)
North America
  1. 2008. FOREST CERTIFICATION: "Online" Certification News. CERTFOR. (website)
  2. 2008. Wisconsin Forest Certification. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. (website)
  3. Yale University Program on Forest Certification (website)
  1. 2008. Keep it Legal - Best Practices for Keeping Illegally Harvested Timber Out of Your Supply Chain. WWF Guide. (pdf)
  2. Forest Certification Resource Center (website)
  3. PEFC - Pan European Forest Council (website)
date revised: 3 January, 2017