Certification & Environment: PRESENTATIONS
Asia and the Pacific
  1. 2013. Global Markets For Verified Legal Wood Products: Are SMFEs Prepared? (pdf)
  2. 2008. Facts and Figures on FSC growth and markets. Presentation. 25 Feb 2008 (pdf).
Latin America and the Caribbean
  1. 2011. Forest Certification Programs in North and South America Motivation, Process, and Impacts (pdf)
North America
  1. 2008. Looking Outside for Insights Stakeholder Engagement Around Environmental Sustainability. Presentation by: Michael Kehs, Partner and Director Washington DC Public Affairs, Porter-Novelli. 18 January 2008. (pdf)
  2. U.S. Consumer Willingness to Pay Price Premiums for Certified Wood Products (pdf)
date revised: 3 January, 2017