Responsible Trade: LINKS

Asia and the Pacific
  1. 2009 China Yiwu (International) Forest Product Fair (pdf)
  2. 2006. Learning lessons to Promote Certification and Combat Illegal logging in Indonesia. 2006. Center for International Forestry Research. (pdf)
  3. 2003. Malaysia tackles illegal logging. Asia Times Online. 2003. Mustafa Ali (pdf)
  4. 2003. Indonesia fails to stop illegal logging. 2003. Irwan Firdaus. The Associated Press (pdf)
  5. 2003. Scapegoats for Indonesia's timber problems. 2003. Bill Guerin. Asia Times Online. (pdf)
  6. 2003. Indonesia looks to curb log smuggling. 2003. Anonymous. Asian Times. Southeast Asia. Jun 14, 2003 (pdf)
  7. Definition of Illegal Logging in Malaysia. Malaysian Timber Council. (website)
  8. 2002. Corruption, lawlessness fuel epidemic of illegal logging in Indonesia. Anonymous. 2002. World Resources Institute. (pdf)
  9. Illegal Logging at Suaq Balimbing, Indonesia. Anonymous. (website)
  10. 1998. High Stakes, the Need to Control Transnational Logging Companies: A Malaysian Case Study. Anonymous. 1998. Forests Monitor. (website: online report)
  1. EuroForest Portal. The EUROFOREST Portal aims to meet demands for better access to state-of-art information on European forests and forestry in an easily accessible and user-friendly form. It represents a web-based entry point into pan-European forest information in the selected topics. The portal contains a metadatabase about information in the internet and news service. Metadata is described in English, but actual URLs may contain information in any language. The website was launched 1 Oct 2007 and is maintained by EFI. (website)
  2. UK Government clueless on illegal timber - liberal democrats call for ban. 2003. Anonymous. (pdf)
North America
  1. 2009. Full Slate of Trade Shows Scheduled in 2009: Expo Returns to New Orleans, Northeast Expo Offers 2 Venues (pdf)
  2. 2009. Twenty-Fourth North American Forest Products Conference
  3. 2008. Just-Trade Resources (website)
  4. 2008. International Trade: Rules of Origin. CRS Reprot for Congress. By Vivian C. Jones and Michael F. Martin. Cornell Univ. ILR School. June 2008 (pdf)
  5. 2008. International Trade Law News (website)
  6. American Forest and Paper Association. Position Statement on Illegal Logging (pdf)
  7. The United States of America Department of State. The President's Initiative Against Illegal Logging. (website)
  1. 2010. Illegal Logging Update and Stakeholder Consultation (website)
  2. 2010. Illegal Logging Information Links (website)
  3. 2007. Trade and Sustainable Land Management in Drylands. ICTST Programme on Agricultural Trade and Sustainable Development. August 2007. (pdf)
  4. Anonymous. Illegal logging. MTC. (website)
  5. ICFPA - International Council of Forest and Paper Associations. Statement on Illegal Logging (website)
  6. Focus on illegal logging and forest crime. Tropical Forest Update. ITTO Newsletter. Anonymous. (pdf)
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  9. Illegal-Logging. (Info Website: documents section with links) >
  10. Scapegoats for Indonesia's Timber problems. 2003. Asia Times (pdf)
  11. Illegal Activity in Forestry. (website)
date revised: 3 January, 2017