Instructions for Submissions
to the
UNECE / FAO / IUFRO Current Issues Forum

Thank you for submitting content to the "Current Issues Forum" website.

Please note that Submissions Must Be in English.

Submissions to the site must be categorized into 7 Issues and designated as follows:
  1. Biofuels
  2. eCommerce/eBusiness
  3. Expansion and Enhancement of Global Markets for Wood Products
  4. Sustainablity of Forests/Forest Products, Responsible Trade, and Illegal Logging
  5. Certification and Environmental Issues
  6. Green Building
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility
In addition, for each of these issues, the information on the website is further categorized into:
  1. Articles
  2. Presentations
  3. Databases and Other Information
  4. Activities and Initiatives
  5. Events and Meetings
  6. Links

Please email submissions that are appropriate for the 5 categories within the 7 issues. PLEASE indicate the issue and category. For example,if you are submitting a future event or conference for Biofuels code it as 1/d. If it is a URL link for Illegal Logging and Trade, code it as 4/d.

Articles, abstracts, presentations, databases and other information must be an email attachment in either pdf, PowerPoint, Word, or Excel format.

send to:

date revised: 3 January, 2017